Got tired of our 17″ MacBook Pro taking it’s time to think about displaying the photo exported from Lightroom in Photoshop…. and if you open 2 or 3 versions of the same file at the same time, it gets even slower…

So I decided to make that beast faster. Installed Mac Keeper to clean the system of all junk. Not too much had changed. The memory hungry applications were almost stalling the system.

Then I read online about the memory upgrades for the MacBook Pros… different opinions and official page saying that our late 2011 17″ MacBook Pro could not run with more than 8Gb of RAM… this was just double of what we had. Not good enough  Then I stumbled upon a group of experimenters who managed to install all sorts of memory in MacBook Pro. Even 32Gbs (don’t ask me how – 16GB modules are not available here and the computer only has 2 memory banks).

not exactly my screenshot, but mine is the same

not exactly my screenshot, but mine is the same

So the idea was just to match the type and speed of the SO-DIMM modules and see how it goes. We bought two 8Gb modules in Dubai Mall (Sharaf DG has them in stock) for about 500 AED
for both of them. I should have shopped in Al-Ain Center (Computer Plaza) for a recommended memory module, but I just got lazy I guess.



This actually worked like a charm! We have 16Gb of usable RAM!

Now things open with the same speed (that’s due to the read/write speed of my Hard Disk Drive) but when I open all the Adobe memory intensive applications, the Mac handles them with breeze.

The reason why I am saying that I should have shopped elsewhere is that people recommend Corsair RAM.  And THIS IS WHY. The performance comparison is definitely placing Corsair CMZ32GX3M4X1600C10 8GB among the best … but for me, I am sure, the difference would have been negligible.

The next project will be getting rid of the biggest speed bottleneck in the Mac – replacing the regular 5400 rpm HDD with the Solid State Drive. Based on the online tests, the boot (read/write) speed will increase at least three fold…

But not this time ))) that’s another 1K AED I’ll spend some other time.

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