Кристина, все фото просто шикарные!! Понравилось то отношение, с которым Ты подходишь к работе. Твоё трудолюбие, коммуникабельность, проф… Read more


фотки просто СУПЕР!!! Каждая фотография индивидуальна, со своим замыслом и историей! Желаю тебе процветания и новых идей!!! а мы тебе в это… Read more


She is my favourite photographer. Just simply talented. From nature. Read more


Thanks for the best shooting ever! You are great!!! (отдельное спасибо за зонтик 🙂 ) Read more


Я наверно одна из самых больших поклонниц вашего творчества, всегда с нетерпением жду новых фотографий и с удовольствием рассматриваю к… Read more


Working with them not only increased confidence in myself, it also gave me chance to try doing something different, something new, fun and exciting. Each time we do the photo session, we create an individual and unique story. The efforts to make e… Read more


I just want to thank you both for doing such an awesome job, for the great fun and wonderful memories that you gave me. Every photo shoot with you has different experience but always happy and relaxing. I Love the pictures they are just FANTASTIC!… Read more


Napolskikh Photography is an amazing photographer and a true professional and artist. I`m completely speechless with the quality, uniqueness and the way Napolskikh Photography made it look so effortless and natural. The photos are completely beautifu… Read more

Nellie Eva Red

Великолепные мастера своего дела, дающие каждой модели почувствоваться себя в любой роли. Искренне желаю дальнейшего процветания и спа… Read more


I’m absolutely delighted with Napolskikh Photography. Professional, reliable and creative guys are making INCREDIBLE photos.

I really love to work with them cause they always drive a positive and totally cheerful energy that helps feel comfortable an… Read more


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