Often, though, a simple, new pose you’ve never tried before can give you the burst of inspiration you’ve been needing. A creative pose and a willing subject can get you shooting again. To this end, in our infographic below we’ve suggested some portrait ideas for having your subject try a […]

Русская версия здесь Are you stuck for portrait ideas? Sometimes we’ve found that you can over-think these things. When you put so much thought into backdrops and colour schemes, etc, you can overlook some of the fundamentals of portrait photography, such as your subject’s pose. A great way to reignite […]

This post is in Russian language. For the English version click here Небольшое пособие для начинающего фотографа по съемке в студии портретной фотографии. Для хорошей фотосъемки необходимо стилизовать модель, правильно направить движения, взгляд. В фотографиях реализованы идеи по категориям. Хорошее взаимопонимание фотографа с моделью это первый шаг к хорошей фотографии. […]

These videos show professional models posing (actually each model shows her best poses for clients) So you could take some of these poses and practice in front of the mirror. Note the fast changing emotions too. This is very productive and professional, and not funny or stupid at all if […]