“Bush League” shooting backstage – Day 1

Just got back from shooting some backstage of the “Bush League” with Vancouver Film School graduates team.

BUSH LEAGUE is a crime-comedy about Dan & his gang struggling through planning their first big heist, but obstacles arise as Dan’s leadership is questioned


Dan, a petty thief with big ideas is trying to bring his gang into the 21st century with one big heist. In the middle of planning the robbery, he finds his dictatorial leadership questioned by his ex-girlfriend Blair. The ensuing power struggle changes the gang forever.

Plot Outline

BUSH LEAGUE is about a gang of petty thieves whose leader is desperate to make the gang seem more professional. DAN, the leader, convinces the rest of the gang to go along with him on a heist of a payday loans office. But as the group plans out the heist, they chafe against Dan’s dictatorial leadership style, and his ex-girlfriend BLAIR steps up to challenge Dan’s spot as gangster number one.



What an experience! Thanks to Aleksey Alekhin, I got a chance to see how the movies are shot! Absolutely loved it!

So below are some photos and a short video off of my mobile )))


When you click on the image remember: there is a little “play” button on the bottom left to start the slideshow ))

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