We are back from the latest trip to Okanagan Valley. Hopefully, this is not the last road trip this season! We did not have lot’s of opportunities to stop and fly the drone but we got a few. As always, watch it full screen and in 4K if you can. […]

Got a hold of a DJI Phantom 4 drone and went to our favorite location on Deer Lake in Burnaby. The sunset was very pretty and we got some nice footage out of it too! Expand to video to full screen, switch quality to HD or 4K (you’d need a […]

If you’re like us, autumn photography in Vancouver is something you eagerly await all year. Say goodbye to the bland, bleached colours and hazy, washed-out skies of summer and welcome in the russets, reds and golds that dominate the countryside. Autumn is a period of transition, when life slowly drains […]

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